Industry and Academia meet up in Istanbul

8th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

19th to 22th March 2012, Istanbul

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Оn 25.11.2010 was the third meeting of the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Technologies.

The President of the Association Mr. Andreev submitted a brief report on the activities during the year and the achieved results.

The lecture “Generic Drugs – Present and Future” by Assoc. Professor N. Danchev aroused an interesting discussion.

Participant in the lecture part was Prof. L. Vezenkov with his research on “ Synthesis and Biological Studies on Galantamine’s derivates containing peptide motif “.

Special thanks to the sponsors – Actavis, Himaks, Kendy!

On 26.07.2010 in NPC was held the second meeting of the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Technologies.

Guest of the event was Prof. Breitkreutz - Chairman of the German Association of Pharmaceutical Technologies.

There was a round table discussion on “Controlled release forms” with moderators  Prof. Shekerdjiisky and Assoc. prof. Lambov – Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Оn 08.04.2010 the first General  meeting of the Bulgarian Association for Pharmaceutical Technology took place in  the National Palace of Culture.

The interest towards the event was great. Guests of the event were Professors from the Faculty of Pharmacy, and especially from the department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy, leading specialists and managers from Actavis, Sopharma, Unipharm, Medica, Milve, Adipharm, Himaks, Natstim, Kandy, Brandex.

The head of the association would like to give his special thanks to the sponsors of the event Natstim, Adipharm and Sevex Pharma, who have made it possible!

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